Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Huff on a Early Morning...

I'm still here on the left coast, and have been working my arse off for the past few days. I was reading Roch's blog before my conference call, and today's is a must read.

Aubrey doesn't get it, and trust me, the people who are loyal enough to see the Orioles next year will rain down on him bad. Right now, Millar and Gibbons should be happy they are not in the news, but there's a news flash for both men; people in the region have a long memory.

His performance may have been cool to some; however, almost a week later, people are still furious with him and the team is certainly not happy.

"I just think it was tasteless and offensive, and you can count me among those offended," said Andy MacPhail, Orioles president of baseball operations.

The Orioles have expressed their feelings to Huff. This could be a delicate issue because, though the Orioles don't want to give the appearance they're abandoning one of their players, they also likely don't want to seem to condone his behavior.

Orioles executive vice president Mike Flanagan called it a "judgment error" for Huff to appear on the show.

For a team that has been suffering at the gate, on the field, and PR-wise, Huff's antics are not playing well to those in the front office.

On a day when Aubrey Huff took to the local airwaves to apologize to those offended by his comments last week in a radio interview, Orioles officials looked into whether they have any grounds to discipline their veteran designated hitter.

At this point, it's unclear whether the club has any recourse, though two longtime baseball executives, who requested anonymity, said yesterday that it was unlikely the Orioles would be able to do much to punish Huff. Reached last night, Michael Weiner, the general counsel of the players union, said he wasn't aware of the situation and declined to comment.

However, that the Orioles are even looking into the matter shows how irate they are with Huff over his 90-minute appearance last Thursday with Bubba The Love Sponge on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Basically, at this point I don't think the Orioles could do anything, but he certainly has disrespected the organization and angered fans.

If were Huff, I'd swallow my pride & I'd apologize profusely.

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