Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is The Anger Towards Bonds Racial?

You've got to see this.

There's a point to what they saying; however, I think issue with Barry Bonds deals with more of his public persona over the years, he breaking Hank's record, as well as he lying the to Feds.

Even ESPN has CHARLES BARKLEY on this! I agree with Barkley 100% on this...

ESPN also has a feature comparing Michael Vick and Bonds...

1 comment:

Ethanator1088 said...

This is not a black white thing. It is a lying thing. McGuire did not lie to the feds. Barry Bonds did. Giambi did not lie. Barry Bonds did.

Vick and Bonds have broken serious laws. Dog fighting and lying under oath to the federal government.

That is why they are being indicted.

I am a huge baseball fan. That is why I am sensitive about Barry Bonds breaking all the records. He has ruined the record books, because of his drug use. His name has destroyed the last 13 years of stats. McGuire used steroids and ruined a few stats. Barry destroyed the stats and is #1. If baseball does not have stats, it is nothing.

I still respect your views and think that this is a topic that everyone can disagree on. I also think that everyone can agree that he cheated, and thus he lied to the feds. I give this article a thumbs up!!! Great collection of videos.

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