Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Evil Empire 1A (The Red Sox) to Add More Seats to Fenway...

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The Boston Red Sox in order to accomodate more fans into cozy Fenway, raise revenues and keep up with the original Evil Empire are adding 800 more seats to the old ball park.

In addition, they are raising prices next season. They have made no secret what their goals are -- to make money and keep up the revenues so they can contend with the Yankees and their new ball park opening up in 2009.

The Boston Red Sox are adding more than 800 new seats at Fenway Park as part of a slate of improvements planned for next season.

The new seats and standing room areas for about 60 people will be added to the pavilion level, which is the third level of seating above home plate. The pavilion area will be extended down the first base line and the third base line, where about three-quarters of the new seating will be located, the team announced.

In total, Fenway's capacity will increase by about 900 fans.

The pavilion seats will cost between $75 to $90 and the standing room area tickets will cost $25.

"We understand the demand for such seats; thus we are adding to the supply," Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said.

The team also plans to install new scoreboards, new stairways and elevators and open a year-round restaurant in center field that will have a view of the ballpark.

The announcement comes the same week the team said 2008 ticket prices would increase an average of 9 percent. Prices at Fenway range from $12 for upper bleachers seats to $125 for field box seats. Lucchino said the added revenue was needed to keep the team competitive, particularly as the rival New York Yankees see a major revenue increase
when they move into a new stadium in 2009.

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