Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey...

I'm on the left coast on assignment and having a miserable time working; however, I caught of the Huff interview on the ESPN 1300 website this afternoon with Anita Marks.

The question I am asking myself is why is this still a story?

The chat with Huff was a total joke. Of course, we didn't learn anything new; however, she and Roch were lobbing softballs to him. I think Aubrey-gate is an episode of men behaving badly (real bad), but if the fans are upset nearly a week later, its a big deal.

Add to that the lack of remorse, the situation at hand has become ugly - realy ugly.

Either it must be a slow news cycle, people are still upset, or there's more to the story. If you check out Deadspin, then you are in a shock (note: if you're at work and small kids do not go there), but they have a short snippet of Huff's appearance on the "Bubba The Love Sponge Show".

A bit over the top is all I have to say, and although I know the content of the show, it's still unsettling to see a player who represents your team in that situation.

The people at WNST are not happy, led by Nestor, and Ray Frager of the Sun gives him credit for getting a transcript of the whole episode. Matt Palmer believes the Orioles should start from scratch, and get rid of players like Huff.

I'd more interested in how the team is going to improve at this point, but it seems that the only PR the team is getting is nothing short of awful.

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