Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Miguel Tejada Rumors: A Tale of Two Miguels & A Move to the Angels...

The big talk amongst Oriole fans at the moment is not who will the team sign in free agency, but who will go via a trade. It may not be a question of if, but when?

Obviously, the biggest trade chip the team has is probably Erik Bedard; however, lest we forget, we also have Miguel Tejada who is being dangled. By all indications, there is scant interest for him and the Orioles may be ready to deal at some point.

Recently, the Angels traded away their shortstop, Orlando Cabrera to the White Sox for hurler John Garland. That being said, the shortstop position is open and more importantly, the Angels are woefully in need of a bat to power the Los Angeles lineup, but more importantly protect Vladmir Guerrero.

One would think a move the best move for Los Angeles would be for the Marlins' Miguel Cabrera; however, Tejada might also be another option if Florida’s price is too high.

Cabrera would be perfect, as he is young, has put up prodigious numbers season after season and could be sign to a lucrative long term deal; alas, the downside of getting him is his weight concern and perhaps losing his effectiveness at third over the years.

Like I said previously – the price for him will be high; however, the Angels have enough young talent to pacify the Marlins. Now that the previous GM of the Angels, Bill Stoneman, is gone, thus, a move might be made.

Tejada is the fallback option if the Angels become stingy or a deal cannot be made with Florida.

Miguel is in his early 30’s, and still has a good bat; albeit, it’s thought universally that he’s lost his range in the field.

Personally, I think he needs a change of scenery, as the losing in Baltimore has got to him and there’s no hope in the immediate future for the organization to contend. Perhaps a move to the Angels will recharge his batteries and get him motivated.

I don’t think the Orioles would command as much as Florida would want for talent, and the Angels could afford to take on his salary.

Over the past few weeks, the Yankees have mentioned as a place Tejada could go, as well as the Dodgers and White Sox.

Obviously, he will not be going to New York as Rodriguez was re-signed, but the three other teams are viable options.

With players such as Brandon Wood, Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders and younger talent in their system, Baltimore may be well served to trade Tejada.

He’s served the Orioles well despite his flare-ups, but when all is said and done, a change of scenery is best for him, and Los Angeles may be the place if they for some reason fail with Miguel Cabrera.

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