Saturday, November 24, 2007

Johan & Minnesota Don't See Eye to Eye; Francisco Cordero A Red For Big Money...


Well, it looks like Johan Santana remaining in Minnesota seems to be diminishing by the day. The Twins are attempting to keep one of the best arms in the game, but they are not getting cooperation from Santana and his people.

From "The Minnesota Twins recently offered superstar pitcher Johan Santana a four-year extension for about $80 million, has learned, leaving a sizable and significant gap in contract negotiations and perhaps even enhancing the chances that Santana may be traded this winter, possibly even by end of the Winter Meetings, which run from Dec. 3-7 in Nashville, Tenn.

The Twins have been telling people they will do their best to retain Santana, who is considered the sports' most dynamic pitcher and is still only 28. However, two executives on competing teams said they foresaw little likelihood the Twins could keep Santana long-term barring a stunning turnaround in negotiations, and one said he believed Santana is "out there'' already as a trade possibility."

The chatter should increase, and it looks like Santana not only wants a long term deal, but get paid -- and paid big time.

From "...While Santana's asking price isn't known, it is generally thought to be well in excess of the $126-million contract the Giants gave last winter to free agent pitcher Barry Zito, who isn't considered in Santana's league. It is believed that as a free agent next winter the lefthanded Santana could earn at least $150 million, or more, providing he stays on his current path of productivity. So the sides could be as much as $50 million apart, or even more."

Considering lack of reliable pitching and premier arms -- someone will pay him, rest assured.


The Cincinnati Reds had a horrendous bullpen in 2007, and on Friday they took steps to fix it.

With the market being as it is, the organization was proactive as they signed one of the best closers in the game in 2007.

According to ESPN: The Cincinnati Reds have reached preliminary agreement on a four-year, $46 million contract with closer Francisco Cordero, a baseball source confirmed Friday to

The deal, which includes a club option for a fifth year, is subject to Cordero passing a physical exam. The agreement was first reported by

Cordero, 32, has 177 career saves in nine seasons with Detroit, Texas and Milwaukee. He ranked second in the National League with 44 saves last season in Milwaukee and made the National League All-Star team.

I'm not sure if this is the most prudent move signing a closer for years with the amount of money offered; however, the best arms want long-term deals, and the Reds gave in.

He'd turned down a 4 year, $42 million dollar deal from Milwaukee.


nalts said...

As a Twins fan, I'm resigned to the fact that Santana won't be in Minnesota much longer. He made several comments last season to the effect of wanting to go somewhere else.

This just confirms he has no intention of signing with Minnesota. On the plus side, I expect the Twins to be able to get quite a few young guns and stud prospects in return.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Nalts, I would trade him and take advantage of some team's minor league system.

He turned down $20 million for 4 years, despite he only being 28 or so and wanting a longer deal.

Minnesota is not the type of team that can make mistakes with long term deals and I can see why they offered what they did.

Anytime a team offers a pitcher, or much less any athlete a long term deal, they are crossing a precarious line. The question is will they be effective in year 4, 5, etc?

Santana has one advantage on his side - his age.

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