Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Idiot File: Scott Boras & "A-Rod", Alex Rodriguez

Sorry, America; I find this guy just so distasteful & ornery right now. After the stunt he pulled along with A-Rod, he's now officially moved into Drew Rosenhaus territory.

Yes, his stated goal is to make the most money for his clients and create a market for them; however, the way you have handled the A-Rod negotiations -- boy, Mr. Boras you have sunken to a new low universally with those who follow baseball.

And A-Rod: Buddy, you are now the new T.O.


We know you have insecurities and have tried too hard over the years to win the affection of fans, but this time, you deserve the hate.

I really wanted to like you, A-Rod, but I can't and probably never will.

1 comment:

George said...

People have to start realizing this is getting out of hand, $300 million dollars??? I just hope nobody signs him (which we all know its not gonna happen). If you ask me, the first team on my list to acquire him is San Fran, the Giants need a replacement for Barry Bonds to fill the seats, and wouldn't it be ironic for Rodriguez's chase of Bonds' career home run mark to take place in San Francisco? a betting line has the Cubs as the most likely team to sign him but I just don't see this happening with the Cubs' unknown ownership situation might make it tough to offer A-Rod the big bucks without knowing who will sign the checks.

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