Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joe Torre: Not the Dodgers' Manager Yet?

Well, after all the drama with Grady Little and the report of Joe Torre signing a three year deal with the Dodgers, he may not be on board quite yet.

According to Yahoo sports, a deal is not done.

From Yahoo Sports: "I don't categorize anything as close, far," Colletti said when asked if the parties were nearing an agreement. "It's either done or it's not done. We're still trying to learn about each other. There's been some light discussions to try and get a feel. I'm not going to get into where the negotiations are. It's still early in the process in some ways."

Colletti said he first spoke with Torre in the past few days.

"We've had some conversations with him very recently," Colletti said. "We've got other people we've got under consideration. We're in the process of compiling a list. Once we get a list, we'll go from there. We're taking it day by day."

Teams are generally directed to interview at least one minority candidate for open managerial jobs, but the Dodgers were granted an exemption in this case by commissioner Bud Selig.

"The Dodgers have a great record on minority hiring throughout the organization," baseball spokesman Rich Levin said.

Soon after Little resigned Tuesday, published reports said Torre and the Dodgers had already reached a deal, some claiming he had agreed in principle to a three-year contract worth $14.5 million.

"I've watched stuff in the last 72 hours that I can't believe I'm watching," Colletti said. "I can tell you we do not have an agreement. I've seen more inaccuracy than I can ever remember."

I would not surprised if a deal has not been done yet; however, there is a process that MLB must adhere to when a managerial opening comes along, and it looks that they will abide by it.

When I hear news like this, it is sort like in mind, "where there's smoke; there's fire".

There is a lot of truth to the rumors, so I'd stay tuned and do not be surprised if Torre is named manager of the Dodgers sooner rather than later (like next week).

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