Monday, March 31, 2008

After Opening Day; O's Lose 6-2

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles; March, 31, 2008

Anyhow, I got home about two hours ago, and it was very weird to see the plethora of open seating around Camden Yards today. Now, the game was advertised as a sellout with 46,807 in attendance; however, I'd venture to say that there were 33-35,000 because there were a lot of green seats open.

The weather might have sucked with rain and temps in the 40's, but it was it just not a few years ago that there was a packed house when there were flurries?

Well, Jeremy Guthrie seemed to wilt after 5 innings; however, the bullpen looked solid -- Albers shut the Rays down, and Buress pitched one scoreless inning.

In the end, the Orioles looked aggressive on the base paths, and with their lineup, they'll definitely need to manufacture runs and their margin of error will be razor thin. The pitching needs to come together and the offense will need to garner the most of their opportunities, because right I don't see anyone aside from Markakis or Huff (an outside chance) even hitting 20 home runs.

Outside the park, I was speaking to a member of the media and he alerted me that Aubrey Huff more or less admitted he made a mistake with his comments on the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show" in the off-season, and if he were a fan, he'd boo as well.

Trust me, if you were in attendance, let's just say I'd never heard booing that bad towards one player -- ever.

One more thing -- this is the year the Rays do not finish last. After looking at their lineup and everything else, these guys are no wallflowers.

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