Friday, March 28, 2008

The Rundown: The 5th Starter; The Saga of Gibbons, Spring Training Home, Everything Else...

Well, the 2008 regular season is upon us, and the good news is we now know who our fifth starter is --- Brian Buress. I figured he'd get the nod after his strong start, and like I said the other day, he was a great spot starter for the first half of the season, but he wilted and it seemed the more time went on, the less effective he was.

Only time will tell if he can stay consistent throughout the 2008 season. Considering the expectations of the pitching staff, he'll be given ample opportunity to get a permanent shot in holding down the role.


After everything, Jay Gibbons may not be suspended, after all.

In a piece in the Baltimore Sun yesterday, "The commissioner's office and the players union are negotiating changes to Major League Baseball's drug policy in the wake of the Mitchell Report, and the result could be the rescinding of Gibbons' 15-day suspension for violating the substance-abuse prevention program."

Ok, if he's not going to be suspended -- if I were Andy MacPhail, I'd give Gibbons these two options -- either go down the minors, or be cut from the team and take his money. Baltimore made a mistake with his signing; thus, it may be time to cut the losses, or have Gibbons try to retool at the lower levels.

I could care less how much Gibbons makes -- he's not a viable player right now on the squad and he's taking up a roster spot of guys more worthy (item: Scott Moore, Tike Redman).

Basically, Peter Schmuck believes that Jay Gibbons sucks and needs to be cut.

Note: Now Gibbons' suspension has been put on hold while baseball figures out what the hell to do with the drug testing procedures and penalties.


I usually don't have much sympathy for multi-millionaires, but what's going on with Roberts is ridiculous, and now he "does not feel a sense of closure despite Andy MacPhail's assertion that a trade for the second baseman is unlikely."

Guillermo Quiroz is the new backup catcher.

Luis Hernandez has looked awful in the field, and just as bad with the bat. He may get the starting spot; however, why do I think Brandon Fahey might sneak his way in thanks to his play this spring training.

Rocky Cherry was put on the DL with a strained shoulder; the Examiner has a piece on Andy MacPhail and where he got to today, as well Pressbox has a piece on him; Steve Trachsel's contract was purchased from Norfolk -- thus, he's officially on the team; Jones is settling in with Baltimore; and the Examiner's Tony Giro, is telling us what we all know -- it's going to a be long year, plus yet, another positive (no, negative) piece from Rafael Alvarez.

There will be a new scoreboard Camden Yards this year, and it is expected to be showcased on Opening Day.

And yes, Bedard is still pitching un-acelike in Arizona.

Amber Theoharis thinks miracles can happen for the Birds, maybe -- they will not sniff .500; however, they won't rival the '62 Mets.


Meanwhile, will the O's move to Dodgertown? I hope so, but for those who want the O's to stay in Ft. Lauderdale, there may be some good news on the horizon:
From The Sun: City and team representatives are optimistic the Orioles will stay in Fort Lauderdale. It all depends on the FAA. An FAA spokeswoman said the agency has asked the city for additional information about airport growth and an appraisal to ensure the FAA receives "fair market value" for use of the land. The city is providing some of the information and is in discussions about the appraisal.

"I think there's been some progress," Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle said. "We're in close discussions with the FAA, convincing them the land is ... recreational and they should accept our appraisal. I'm optimistic we can have a new facility not only for the Orioles, but multi-purpose fields for use for our community."
The Orioles have also signed an option agreement, just in case the issues with the Ft. Lauderdale site can't be settled.

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