Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'll need to post some pictures of the facility perhaps later, but I found Dodgertown to nothing but a beautiful place to watch baseball (far superior to what they have in Fort Lauderdale).

Granted, Dodgertown is up there in age, but every seat is up and close and you have an intimate feel -- so intimate, that there's no real dugout, and you can interact with the players and LITERALLY hear each and very conversation if you're close enough.

With no offense to Legend's Field (that kind of takes away from the wonderful feel of spring training), in Dodgertown you get that feeling.

If the Baltimore Orioles do decide to leave Fort Lauderdale, I for one would be all for them moving (although there's not a lot seeming to do there).

However, if I were a Dodger fan, I'd feel a little bit blue with the fact they'll be moving to Arizona in '09.

I'll say again, Dodgertown was wonderful.

Just to give you an idea how close I was, as I sat in the second row -- thus, keep in mind there's only a chain link fence and perhaps two feet separating the fans from the player's benches:









Anonymous said...

Being a long time Baltimore Oriole fan I hope they do move here to Vero Beach. I only hope that if they do they don't scam the fans with $6.50 beers and $5.00 brats like McCourt does now.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - thanks for your note. I love the facility, and I'd love for the Orioles to get it assuming the Dodgers do move to Arizona...

Honestly, $7 beers and $5 are a sick part of the sports world today -- it kind of sucks that owners forget about the average fan rather than ones that have the money to burn.

Thanks for finding the blog!

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