Monday, March 24, 2008

Roberts Now Likely To Stay...

It looks like our own Brian Roberts should be with us for a while longer. I guess the talks for him will begin when June comes around, or when someone breaks down and gives MacPhail what he wants.

Since the weekend, it was looking pretty obvious to me that nothing was going to go down.

I mean why disrupt someone's life a week before the season starts.

Well, something could happen; however, it's not likely now.

From Ken Rosenthal: Barring an 11th-hour reversal, the Cubs will not trade for Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts before opening day, according to major-league sources.

The teams have been unable to reach an agreement on the players that the Orioles would receive in return. While a revival of the discussions is always possible, the two sides are at an impasse. The Orioles, however, are continuing to scout Cubs minor league games in Arizona.

The Cubs wanted Roberts to serve as their leadoff hitter and everyday second baseman. If they fail to land Roberts, the Cubs will likely use Ryan Theriot in the leadoff spot and Mark DeRosa as their everyday second baseman.

I'm sure there are large segments of the fanbase breathing a sigh relief -- alas, it must suck for Roberts seeing your name in the paper everyday.

If I'm a Cubs fan, I'm a little frustrated...

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