Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Roundup; Oriole News and A Documentary Featuring An O's Fan Nominated For A Sports Emmy

As we are heading to the 2008 regular season, I think the two keys as to how far the Orioles get in a few weeks will be with Daniel Cabrera, young pitching along with the bullpen.

Daniel will be key part whether the Orioles take the next step to respectability or if they are stuck in neutral. Based on what I saw on MASN Sunday, he looked like what many saw in the World Baseball Classic and his final start 2006 against New York. I think his new found professionalism and seriousness (at least what I have seen so far), could lead to a breakout year. Of course, he needs to control his pitches and just keep the basic fundamentals in place.

In terms of the pitching, will the young Birds will take the leap forward, considering the expectation of inexperience in the rotation. With the departure of Erik Bedard from the rotation, a lot of pressure will be put on them to succeed.

Can Guthrie take his game to the next level? Will Loewen come back healthy? is Trachsel close the end or can he pull out more tricks from the black cap? Will we go after another starter outside the organization?

The tragedy of the Baltimore team in 2007 was the bullpen – yes, the $40+ million big ticket item. Aside from Jamie Walker who was solid as the left handed specialist along with Chad Bradford, things were a mess. Both Walker and Bradford were way over-used, thus over-exposed and the Orioles had to rely on youngsters from the lower levels, journeymen and retreads from other teams to patch it up.

We know Bradford and Walker will be consistent, but how will Sherill do as the closer? Will Aquino, Burres, Sarfate and whomever else deliver?

So many questions, so few answers.


Garrett Olson has been optioned to Triple-A Norfolk; meanwhile, George Sherill, who has been excellent in Spring Training, was been handed the closer's role.

With a less than two weeks to go, the Orioles face a littany of decisions to made -- mainly, the fifth starter, shortstop and possibly second base.

Meanwhile, Jim Hoey is hurting; Scott Moore, who has had a great spring is back in the lineup after illness, and Brandon Fahey is in the hunt for a roster, and possibly a starting spot.

As well, former Oriole manager Sam Perlozzo wants to manage again and Dave Jauss came to the team for 'serendipity'...

Monday was a sad day for those in Vero Beach, as the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have been in the area will more than 60 years to conduct Spring Training will more than likely leave for Arizona; however, the Orioles might move to the facility. Vero Beach citizens seem more than open to welcoming the Baltimore organization, but the town right now is all Dodger blue.


A friend and Oriole fan, Tom, shot me a great email this morning about one of our young, but fellow fans, Ray Daugherty.

Well, I have met the young man more than a few times, myself and he was featured in a documentary that aired on ESPN called "Never Miss A Game" and as well, "This Week in Baseball", where TV crews document his day at home with his mothers, Marie and Deanna, and at the ballgame.

Despite he being only four years old, he's just as knowledgeable as any Oriole fan in the game.

The documentary he was in has been nominated for a 2008 Sports Emmy.

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