Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keith Olbermann Disses Major League Baseball For the Episode With the Red Sox Coaches...

Keith Olbermann disses Major League Baseball for their action against the Red Sox coaches, nice.

Well, the Red Sox ended a threatened boycott today of their final spring training game in Florida and their flight to Japan, as they resolved a dispute against Major League Baseball over paying coaches for the season-opening trip overseas. According to, a source said that all staff associated with the trip will be compensated.

The game against Toronto started an hour late when the team voted unanimously not to play or go to Tokyo after learning coaches and staff would not get a $40,000 appearance fee for the Japan trip. Players said they believed that fee was part of the original deal.

According to the major league source, in the past, the coaches' compensation has come from the players' portion of the pool. This time around the coaches were eliminated from that pool.

The source said that coaches, managers, and training staff will all be compensated and that the final amount is expected to exceed $40,000 per man. It's unclear whether it's $40,000 or even more because the receipts from the trip will be split at the end.

"Everyone connected with the trip will be fairly compensated," baseball spokesman Rich Levin said.

Kevin Youkilis, the Red Sox player representative, said the agreement still needs to be put in writing and the compensation for coaches and staff "is not the greatest thing that we wanted for them, but it's good."

He stressed that the players felt strongly about not going to Japan without a resolution.

"The club's working on stuff and trying to get money where it needs to get," he said. "It was definitely an experience of a lifetime and it ended in a good way."

Sorry, Major League Baseball deserves all the criticism it gets in this episode...


Apryl DeLancey said...

Here, here! They have a lot of nerve to leave the coaches out and its great that the players stood up for them!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks! I know MLB is a business, but some of their moves I wonder about, and this episode was just asinine towards the Red Sox coaches.

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