Friday, March 14, 2008

Reaching Out And Failure; Trembley Tries To Get Cal and Brooks To Be More Active with the Orioles...

This evening while at home chilling out, I decided to read "Trembley Tries Wooing Two Big Birds Back To The Nest" by the Baltimore Sun's Roch Kubatko.

Well, the content of the article made me glad to see that the team, spearheaded by Dave Trembley, are reaching out to the stars of yesteryear; however, I am very dumbfounded as to why the Orioles had not made the overture to players earlier.

Obviously, we see Jim Palmer, Boog Powell, Rick Dempsey show-up at the Yard participating in team activities, but not Brooks, Frank, Eddie Murray or other former Orioles.

Granted, all these guys have their own lives, but unlike let's say the Yankees & Red Sox, why do so few stars bother to show up?

This passage by Brooks Robinson is a bit sad & may tell us more than we want to know:

"The chances of Robinson becoming involved aren't nearly as promising.

Robinson spends one day each spring at the Orioles' fantasy camp in Sarasota, Fla., but that's the extent of his involvement in the organization. He's met with owner Peter Angelos and executive vice president John Angelos in the past and written proposals detailing ways he could offer his services -- appear at spring training and the minor league camp, entertain, sell tickets -- but nothing came of it.

"I never heard from anyone and I don't have the time now," said Robinson, part-owner of four independent baseball teams, including the newly formed Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. "My interpretation is they wanted someone there all the time, not part time. I wouldn't have any interest now, but I don't have any hard feelings."
I'll say, I found this real disturbing. Last year, I had a chance to interview Brooks Robinson for the Oriole Post blog, I found him to be open and nothing but nice; however, for him not to anything with the team is sad. Moreover, it makes wonder what the team PR wise has been doing for the past decade to seemingly alienate a man with the stature of Brooks.

I obviously don't know the upper brass of the team, but if what Robinson says is true, something is terribly wrong. How the team could discount the contributions of a man who symbolized Baltimore baseball in it's heyday is nothing but short-sighted and insulting.

Was the team too busy making money or what not?

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