Monday, March 24, 2008

The Saga of Gibbons

Jay Gibbons.

Right now, perhaps no else on the roster is reviled by fans as much as this fellow.

He's not done much in the past 2 years, and with an exorbitant salary along with his name in the Mitchell Report and drug connection, it's little wonder why people feel the way they do.

Hey, Brian Roberts had his name ensnared in the drug issue; however, he produces -- Gibbons doesn't.

What in the world should we do with him? He’s a nice guy, but at this point, he’s taking up space on the roster and could leave a more deserving guy off (item: Scott Moore).

Do we ex-communicate him, give him another chance, let him play through his problems, or cut him and see if the Orioles can get their millions back? It looks like he’s gone from a decent power hitter, to merely bad, to perhaps now horrible. He’ll be suspended 15 games, but will triumphantly return.

Now, in his absence the Orioles are leaning towards sending Gibbons to minor league while serves out his suspension.

As well, the organization is thinking about having serve his suspension by playing with one of the minor league teams (I think a good idea), but I'm sure if you're suspended by MLB, you cannot play for a minor league team; however, the legal counsel of the Baltimore Orioles are looking into that.

Gibbons is in no position to complain -- especially when you are getting paid $5 million per year as an employee of an organization.

He should try holding a 9-5 job.

At this point, Jay Gibbons has shown us he's not even ready to play on an elite level, much less sit on the bench. If he's smart, he'd be serving himself by getting himself some regular playing time at the lower levels and showing that he can once be again a viable major leaguer.

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