Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Roundup...

I'm headed to the game this afternoon at Ft. Lauderdale Stadium, as the Orioles will take on the Cardinals.

Tom Boswell of Washington Post thinks the Orioles have finally wised up and realized what everyone has thought for the last several seasons -- they suck and business as usual needed to change. On that note, the Orioles could possibly be leaving Ft. Lauderdale for Vero BEach, Fla and the Orioles.com and Baltimore Sun have more on the story.

Well, it looks like Troy Patton's season might be done, as his rumored arm problems is serious than indicated. According to Jeff Zrebiec, Patton will fly up north and will have his shoulder examined, as well may possibly have surgery.

Meanwhile, Chris Ray is confident on returning by August from Tommy John surgery. Brian Buress is competing a role in the starting rotation; Scott Moore is impressing those down in southern Florida with play and hustle.

Despite being lit up on Monday, Jeremy Guthrie is trying to get the kinks worked out and says he'll be ready for the season, and the same could be said for Adam Loewen.

Jamie Walker, at 36, is an obvious choice to be a leader in the Oriole clubhouse; alas, young Brandon Fahey is looking to make the major league squad. The status of Brian Roberts because of his trade situation, and a position for Jay Gibbons is sure making spring training compelling to say in the least.

Our former ace, Erik Bedard got hit hard in his first start of spring training; however, it's just exhibition season and I don't take much stock in it -- he'll be fine.

Allen McCallum of PressBox Online thinks the Orioles will be bad, but not horribly bad...

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Enchanting Sunshine said...

You lucky dog! Enjoying the Os and the weather. I'm so jealous!

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