Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tag Day, the Scoreboard, and Oriole Park Improvements

This afternoon, I took a stroll to Camden Yards and wanted to take a look at the "Tag Day" activities along with the long-awaited stadium improvements.


"Tag Day", was open to prospective fans who were interested at the possibility of purchasing season ticket plans. Seats that were open were donated with flags, and various members of the Oriole staff were on hand to answer any and all questions fans had for them.

However, I was interested in looking at the new scoreboards, and finding out how that was coming along. I spoke with two members of the staff and they informed me that it should be operational by Fan Fest, and certainly ready by Opening Day.

Although the scoreboard was not on and functional during my visit, I was informed that a test run was done on Friday with the upper scoreboard, and from the feedback I got from my chat, "it's nothing but phenomenal and fans will say 'wow'", and as well, "rival what you see at M&T Bank Stadium".

The new scoreboards have the latest technology available, with high-definition. It was embedded into the current frame in centerfield, on the out-of-town scoreboard in right field, and also along the facade of the mezzanine/club section.

The HD scoreboard will replace the version that had been at Oriole Park since 1992, which had been besieged with technical problems as of late. It is being replaced, since there was virtually no product support or a way getting replacement parts for it.

Well, the new scoreboard will bring new excitement to the Yard, and for me, although I care more about what happens on the field more than anything, it's a welcome change considering the technology out there today.

I didn't stick around to see the Ball Boy/Ball Girl tryouts today because I had a conflict in the mid-part of the afternoon; however, before the event, I snapped a picture of Ernie Tyler and Dave Johnson chatting on the playing field.

If you want to see what happened last year and get the general gist of it, click here.

For anyone who tried out, I hope you had a fun and the best of luck of winning the job, because from what I can see and have learned from others, it's not easy.

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