Friday, March 7, 2008

A Side of Nick Markakis You Don't See; He Having Fun...

This is probably my favorite part of today. If you all remember the Tiger Woods commercial where he juggles a gold ball on a driver, Nick Markakis does something similar with a baseball and a bat. It was quite remarkable to see...

Perhaps MASN or the Orioles might want to shoot a promo of him and his skills with a ball and a bat...








Ian said...

He's cheating using a fungo bat. J/K

Great photos as usual. And thanks for sharing them with my readers as well.

Anonymous said...

when i went to a game last season, i saw Nick during practice doing something similar -- just with his foot and his glove! I thought it was so cute so i took a picture.
Heres a link if anyone wants to see! :)¤t=DSC01547crop-1.jpg

Anonymous said...

sorry I dont know why the picture link isnt working!

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