Monday, March 31, 2008

Orioles Sign Cintron; More Opening Day Thoughts, The Oriole Post in Another Sun Column

The Orioles just signed Alex Cintron to a minor league deal. You've got to wonder if he'll be a potential replacement for Luis Hernandez if he doesn't get it together at the plate or in the field.

Not much is going on aside from Guthrie hitting the showers after being shelled.

Aubrey Huff, boy will he have it tough. When you get booed after getting a hit, you know people are still pissed at you and the anger is not going to go away for a long time.

FYI - I did another interview last week with the Baltimore Sun, and this time it centers on the popular "Crab Shuffle" game. Scott Christ of Camden Chat also contributes to the piece.

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