Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Baltimore Orioles Interested in Felipe Lopez?

In light of the Brian Roberts trade talks, the Baltimore Orioles seem to perhaps rumored to be interested in another infielder -- albeit, a currently disgruntled one.

Well, according to Fox Sports Online, Ken Rosenthal reports the Orioles are looking at Washington National, Felipe Lopez.

I'll say one thing, right now, a lot of Nationals fans want to be rid of Lopez --- kind of how some feel about Jay Gibbons, though Felipe may be a lot better with the bat.

From The Nationals, trying to trade shortstop Felipe Lopez, are scouting the Royals' Angel Berroa as a possible replacement. The Orioles are believed to have interest in Lopez, who is guaranteed $4.9 million this season.

Lopez, 27, also has played 82 games at third base and 55 at second in his career, and his ability to fit in at multiple positions could increase the number of teams that are interested in him.

Right now, it is looking more likely that Felipe Lopez will be the reserve infielder up the middle, and he’s not too keen on the idea.

He came to Washington in a trade in 2006, and was slotted as the starting second baseman; however, a poor 2007, questions about his attitude along with his makeup, and the emergence of Ronnie Belliard and a healthy Christian Guzman, his fate may be sealed --- for now.

On Tuesday, when he was interviewed by various media outlets on how he feels in Spring Training, a question was thrown out on if he’d be willing to accept a bench spot.

His terse answer was, “Hell, no”.

Although his attitude and hustle is far improved from last season, Belliard and Guzman are simply out hitting him at the plate (Lopez’s average is around .200 right now); thus, Manny Acta made the decision that’s best for the team --- Lopez will sit.

With the situation as it is, Lopez could move back into a starting role if his numbers pick up and either Belliard or Guzman gets off to a slow start; however, he will more than likely be dealt.

Could he fit in with the Orioles? I don't know if this would be the place for him, but he could be a substantial upgrade over our shortstop options, is young enough, and could benefit from the change of scenery?

Now, who would the O's give up?

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