Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yet Another Oriole Team Review, From

The great sports network, MVN and Firebrand of the American League reviews the 2008 version of the Baltimore Orioles. It may be kind of harsh, but I think it is fair and accurate.

Link --->


hrb said...

A good read?

"Hopefully Markakis will be in Sox red once he becomes a free agent."

"Sherrill is a very good reliever (56 K, 14 BB), and I wish the Red Sox had picked him up. It’s not too late…"

He should have titled his post "Red Sox Wolf Peruses Menu of Fresh Oriole Lamb". How dare he view our team as a minor league team to be culled for the greater Boston glory!

I'll not concede to a rival in such a way. Anthony, the Army calls on you to rally!


Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

That's what I meant by *harsh*...

hrb said...

A harsh assessment of our talent is one thing. Dismissing our team as a AAAA entity to be broken up and harvested for a "real" team is quite another!

I know Baltimore will be bad, just didn't appreciate the arrogance.

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