Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wit & Prose of Erik Bedard...

Erik Bedard may have left Baltimore, but the memory of his surliness and pissing off some members of the media here have not been forgotten.

Well, on March 5th after a Cactus league start, Erik decided to opine this thoughts to the Seattle media - you've got to read this...

From the Seattle Times:

Oh man, I know this topic is going to start something. The reporters who cover the team just got back from talking to Bedard after his performance. Total time on my recorder of the interview session: 1 minute, 18 seconds. Even the security guard who let us back into the stadium knew the deal.

"Didn't have much to say to ya, did he?" she said.

Yup, Bedard was...Bedard. He set the tone right off.

"You get four questions," he told the group.

1. Can you tell the difference from start to start?

Bedard: "No, not really. I was throwing same as last week. They just didn't hit it today."

2. This is a team you're going to face a lot this year. Is there anything you can get from them the first time you're looking at them (the Angels)?

Bedard: "No, not really. They're in the same boat as us. Just trying to get ready for the season and trying to get in shape."

3. How helpful was it to have the kind of defense you got from Willie (Bloomquist) at third base today?"

Bedard: "Helped me a lot. I wouldn't have gotten out of the second inning if he wouldn't have made those plays."

4 My question: "The third pitch to Figgins..."
Bedard interrupts: "Last one."

Me: "You hit him with strikes the first two. The third one, you looked like you were a little upset. Did you miss the location a little on that one?

Bedard: "I looked upset? Really? To start the game off, you mean? Curveball. Yeah, well, he hit it. I was trying to get him (Figgins) out with less than four pitches. He hit a triple."

(Someone tries to ask another one...)

Bedard: "That's it. Four. Later." (He walks off).

Geez. If this really happened, there was no need for his obnoxiousness. Yeah, might be a shy guy who likes to left alone -- but really, did Erik have to be this silly?

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