Friday, March 21, 2008

More Roberts and Chicago Chatter; Could He Remain In A Baltimore Uniform For The Near Future?

Here's more chatter about Brian Roberts, this time again from ESPN's Jayson Stark.

Again, take all this talk for what it's worth, because in the end, there are only a handful who really, really know what's going on.

STRIKE ONE -- MR. ROBERTS: Clubs that have spoken with the Cubs report that their frustration with the Orioles is mounting, after three months on the Brian Roberts trail. Despite all the names rumored to be in this deal and all the scouts who have hovered around all those names all spring, the Cubs have been indicating they still haven't been told by Baltimore what it would take to get this trade done.

Now add in the fact that it's less than two weeks to Opening Day, and that The Angelos Factor could gum up these talks for who knows how long, even if they make progress. And it's no wonder the Cubs are beginning to think this seemingly inevitable trade won't ever happen after all.

There's been more talk on this trade than I can even fathom. Although the vast majority of feel something will happen; however, it may not.

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