Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brandon Fahey


As an Oriole fan who tries to look at things in a fair and balanced fashion as well with an subjective eye at times, can someone either of the male or female persuasion please tell me the appeal with this guy?

I'm not going to insult a major leaguer, but after hearing the Anita Marks Show today she was ga-ga over him like a little school girl boy smitten by the most popular boy in school.

I know Fahey is the scrappy (small/skinny), underdog, cutesy type of guy people like to root for, but she and some fans have taken their love for him a little too far. Do people see this guy as really a tangible part of the Orioles future besides being a bench guy?

Please, someone explain Fahey-mania to me...

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Anonymous said...

He's white, american, handsome, and he is a gentleman. He doesn't do drugs, and when asked a question will look you sqaure in the eyes and answer with a yes ma'am or yes sir. He's a Texan, and the son of a former big league-er. what's not to root for?
(please, no disrespect to non-white non-americans meant...ok?)

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Anon - Thanks for your comment, and what you said was very much a part of his appeal, but he's done nothing for me to jump up for joy at and the love of him has been taken a *little too far*...

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