Friday, March 14, 2008

The Roundup; Roberts, the Cubs Deal & The Orioles...

Based on all of the chatter I've been reading, the Cubs have anted up the deal and it's now up to the Orioles to bite.

I've wondered what it's been like for Brian Roberts, as although he's a professional athlete, as he's surely not a robot and all the talk must wear on him.

Read this little excerpt from USA Today:

"The way things are going right now, it may sound funny, but I even looked at opening day. I haven't given a thought of what it would be like in another place or here," he said. "I've always tried to live for today. I'm here right now for a reason and I'm going to make the best of every day I have here."


"If this is the first time, it's probably more difficult. I had two or three years with the Cubs that every time it got near the trading deadline, or even in spring training, I was getting traded to Cleveland or Cincinnati," Orioles right-hander Steve Trachsel said. "The first year it kind of shook me up a little bit, but the more it happens, the more you get used to it."


Before the Orioles committed to this rebuilding project, Roberts was considered the cornerstone of the team's future. Now, it appears several other clubs want him to be a key component of their present. Every time he plays an exhibition game, Roberts does so in front of a handful of scouts surveying his every move.

"We joke with him, like when he steals a base, 'The Cubs are watching!"' Millar said. "You don't know what's going on behind the scenes or who they're asking for, but you know it's out there."

Roberts insists that once he walks onto the field, his lone purpose is to get ready for opening day. Impressing the scouts doesn't enter into the equation.

"I have a baseball card. They can go look at it if they want to know what I can do," he said. "I'm pretty sure the scouts have seen me before. I've had scouts watching me since I was 16 years old, so I'm not all that concerned about a scout in the stands. That's just too much to worry about."
I think he might have told us more than he wanted to; alas, although he tries to ignore the talk, it's on his mind. Whatever happens, despite the Mitchell report, he'll be seen as a class act amongst fans and anyone who's run across him.

I think Brian is being as honest as he possibly can be without telling the masses how he really feels.

If he does get a chance with the Cubs, he'll be on a winning team and play for a chance at the World Series -- a goal of anybody who was ever gotten a chance to wear a uniform in the pros.

MASN's Anita Marks has kept a log of her thoughts on the Baltimore Orioles down in Ft. Lauderdale while she's been down there this week. I will admit, I have been a little hard on her at times, but she's done good work down there and has allowed fans to hear a few things from the players that most would not have gotten otherwise.

Yes, baseball was played today and the Orioles lost to the powerful Red Sox, 7-4.

It looks like Garrett Olson has had a good camp based on his results so far and he's hoping for the fifth spot in the rotation; the young pitchers have had help in camp from former Oriole legends, Mike Cuellar, Scott McGregor, BJ Surhoff and Rick Dempsey.

Seeing the old-school legends out there is real nice to see, especially with such a young staff. Roch Kubatko has a story on this in today's Sun. On that front, Dave Trembley is trying to also woo back former Orioles Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken; however, Robinson has more or less declined at this time, while Cal is open to the idea.

Meanwhile, with the injuries to some members of the team and a thin pitching staff to begin with, there's cause for a little concern with the status of Loewen and the season-ending drama with Troy Patton.

Jamie Walker is touting his vintage ride in camp, Randor Beird is heating it up in camp, & Mores is playing like a man with a renewed sense of optimism; Finally, Nestor Aparicio has a few stories on Rick Sutcliffe, former Oriole and currently battling cancer.

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