Monday, March 17, 2008

Thoughts From A Sunny Trip to Florida...

As many of you know, I went to down Florida for a few to check out this year’s rendition of the Baltimore Orioles. With the current trade rumors, innuendo and whatever else going on out there, I am just going to quickly jot down what I saw in Ft. Lauderdale two weeks ago.

The season is almost here, everyone!

  • Dave Trembley: I do no think the Orioles could have chosen anyone better for this team. You’ve got a manager who’s hungry for respect and for his team to do well, leading the way and having his players respond. The guys are running down the basepaths, doing the little things, playing aggressive ball (both at the bat and on the field). More than anything, I noticed his interactions with the players --- most notably Adam Jones. Rather than channeling Lou Piniella or LaRussa, he seemed to comfort his players, give praise and treat them like men, rather than robots. Finally, he’s nothing but great with the fans and seems to realize he’s a in great spot and living out his dream. You can’t but only want to root for the man.

  • Adam Jones: Big kid, and although he did not do much while I saw him, he’s batting a little under .400 right now. Despite his miscues in the field early on in camp, I expect him to be focused with the task at hand in the next few weeks as the season commences. From what I have heard and read, he’s quite an articulate young man and one Oriole fans may come to love. Meanwhile, a lot of baseball will be watching to see how he progresses, as he was the centerpiece of the Bedard trade.

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