Monday, March 31, 2008

Live From Opening Day -- Thoughts & Something You Can Win From Bank of America...

At Camden Yards now, catching opening day here with Beatlefanatic, and her friend Amanda.

Well, I'll have a full writeup of FanFest when I have more than five minutes to myself this week. Between dealing with my lovely girlfriend, baseball, more baseball, plus my media commitments, I have not had much time to blog.

I am little sad but at the same time rejoicing the release of Jay Gibbons. Like I have said over and over, he was always a nice guy when I talked to him; however, if you seemingly lose all talent and everything else, you don't deserve to have a job.

He could not take a up roster spot that a better, more versatile guy could not have held; alas, he got sent on his way.

I hope the guy the best of luck, but I think his days may be numbered as an MLB player unless he can latch on with someone who will give him regular at bats.

Brian Roberts: I wanted the guy traded for the long-term future of the organization, but you have to respect how's he handled the news and everything else.

Baseball season is here -- the question is now how bad will the Orioles be, or will there be some kind of miracle?

At least the scoreboard looks awesome.

Oh yeah, I saw the first game in Washington yesterday, so if you care, check out the DC Sports Box...


From our friends at the wonderful banking institution, the super massive Bank of America...

It's Spring -- the usual inability to focus at work is expected, but this? Affectionately calling your wife A-Rod? Using hand signals at the dinner table? Slapping the butt of a potential client when a handshake would have been appropriate? It happens -- especially to those baseball fans experiencing "Opening Day Syndrome." Not sure what it is, or if you or someone you love has it? Check out and take the "Are You a Real Fan" poll to find out. And just in case you're in really deep, the site has downloadable tools like wallet card affirmations, office door "do not disturb" signs (see attached sample) , and a boss' excuse note to help get you through it. You can also take the Trivia Challenge for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to the 2008 All Star Game in NY. Now THAT's what the doctor ordered!

Also, per a recent poll of avid baseball baseball fans by Bank of America, did you know:

-20 percent spend less time with their significant other during baseball season
-20 percent would miss an important business meeting to attend an Opening Day game
-15 percent “made up an excuse” about their whereabouts on Opening Day to their boss, spouse or significant other
-25 percent listen to or watch the game on the Internet at work; 40 percent listen on radio at work
-20 percent consider the distance to the stadium when shopping for a home

Red Sox and Yankees fans, among the most passionate, take some of the these behaviors to the next level

-35 percent of Red Sox fans would blow off an important business meeting to attend the first baseball game of the season at Fenway Park; by comparison
-60 percent of Sox fans would allow their child to skip school for an opening day game; 50 percent of Yankee fans said the first home game of the season was an acceptable excuse for skipping school.

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