Monday, March 3, 2008

More Roberts News, With Payton Now Included...

I'm eating at some IHOP near the stadium right now, and we just got done watching the game and obviously I'll have some shots up later.

Once again, there's more chatter about Brian Roberts move, this time from Sports Illustrated's Paul Heyman.

From MLB Trade Rumors: According to Jon Heyman of, the Cubs and Orioles are talking Brian Roberts trade again. A source of Heyman's "indicated discussions were starting to get serious."

Heyman says one scenario has the O's sending Jay Payton along with Roberts to Chicago. Although he'd fill the Cubs' desire for a right-handed hitting fourth outfielder who can handle center, Payton has to have negative trade value with a $5MM salary for '08 and a .668 OPS last year. The Cubs could send Jason Marquis back, but his two years and $19.25MM might be overcompensating for Payton's bad contract.

Heyman names the usual suspects as possible Orioles targets: Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, and Ronny Cedeno. Murton could again be stuck as a fourth outfielder in Baltimore; blocked prospect Eric Patterson might make more sense.

Well, personally I think a trade will happen within a week, just because of the situation with Mark DeRosa. I'm thinking Andy MacPhail has the Cubs where he wants them -- sadly; however, they needed a second baseman and Roberts fits bill for Chicago well.

Payton would thrive in Chicago even in a reserve role, as he's a guy who's driven by winning and the situation in Baltimore is not conducive to him.

We shall see what happens.

Once again, thanks to the intrepid Ian of Sox and Dawgs for keeping me updated on the road...

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